Kubernetes Managed Services.

24Devops helps you focus on your application as we managed your Kubernetes container service.

Are you looking to for a managed Kubernetes service?
We can help you to manage your Kubernetes container infrastructure on-premises for easier development, production environment, testing, and CI.

24DevOps Kubernetes container management service is SaaS managed and helps you run Kubernetes instantly anywhere. It works across on-premises server and also on public cloud infrastructure providing 100% pure play, helps avoid vendor lock-in.

Benefits of using Kubernetes container service:

  • Fully integrated runs from anywhere
  • Write once run anywhere
  • No infrastructure to manage, just manage the software
  • Highly available
  • Runs side by side with open stack
  • Simple easy to use UI

Ready to Run Kubernetes?

Contact us for a free consultation with our expert. We will guide you if Kubernetes container solution is the right approach for you.