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    • Automate Dev, QA & Production Environments
    • Security & Reliability
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DevOps Services & Solutions

Container Orchestration

Docker Logo

24Devops makes it simple for you to handle Container Orchestration. We’ll help you to containerize all your applications for easier development, repeatable staging, production environment, testing, and CI.

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PagerDuty and On-Call

24DevOps PagerDuty

24DevOps offers PagerDuty and On-Call services enabling you to work fast and boost uptime. Our success and secondary on-call technicians are trained to to handle application or infrastructure failures 24/7.

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Cloud Management

Terraform and AWS

Do you have a cloud that needs managing? Keep you cloud infrastructure available 24/7 with 24DevOps managed cloud services. Focus on your core business operations while we manage your cloud.

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Application Deployment

Application Deployment with Chef, Ansible

We support all major configuration management and orchestration tools for application deployment with a past experience of successfully carrying out automation for simple to complex projects.

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DevOps Consulting Services

All tiers of your applications are monitored accurately 24/7 and engineers are available for emergency and urgent support all the time for you to reach out to.

24DevOps allows you to provide DevOps support & configuration with each and every technology you work with, from the Linux kernel to Javascript framework.

24DevOps seamlessly manages your site and infrastructure on the public or private cloud of your choice, especially AWS, Docker and Terraform.

24DevOps has you covered on complete security requirements including regular vulnerability scanning, quick turnaround on critical patches, and the need to comply with HIPAA requirements.

We at 24DevOps can find fault with any layer of any technology stack and work quickly and efficiently to find the perfect solution.

With our comprehensive suite of capacity and performance testing tools we are all set to provide you with unlimited load testing for your 24DevOps managed site, app or API.


Best price for a basic set


  • 20 hours per month
  • Suitable for PagerDuty
  • Good for small DevOps tasks
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A great home for your multiple needs


  • 60 hours per month
  • Automated environments
  • CI/CD
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A comprehensive suite of premium features


  • 120 hours per month
  • 24x7 Production Support
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • 24x7 Guaranteed System Uptime
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24DevOps is a team of dedicated cloud experts managing cloud services and providing DevOps solutions to small medium sized organizations with consistency, pro-activeness & affordability. We deliver highest quality DevOps as a services keeping your development environment optimized 24/7.

What is DevOps?

DevOps connects agile software development and operations, resulting an integrated approach for your software delivery. Its help enable real-time collaboration and unifies development across all channels. DevOps as a service enables quick, iterative development of Minimal viable Product and helps to bring the product to market faster. It helps team to collaborate in real time and helps overcome the disconnected approach.

Improve Application Quality & Accelerated Development through DevOps!

Why DevOps Consulting Services:

Implementing DevOps in an organization requires suitable planning and expertise. Therefore we at 24 DevOps assess the current environment of an organization and accordingly advice on the best suited DevOps approach. Our DevOps assessment model can help you reveal the various areas like continuous integration, agility, continuous delivery, test automation and deployment including all cloud based services.

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