Dockers Managed Services for DevOps.

24Devops makes it simple for you to handle Docker’s-the high performance container management service that helps in containerized application management.

Looking to containerize your application?
We can help you to containerize your Dockers applications for easier development for all environments.

24DevOps Dockers container management service is a fully managed service that enables you to fun and manage your Docker applications on distributed clusters. It’s an easy replacement for installing, operating and scaling your container cluster setup. It helps you to focus on your application instead of managing container infrastructure.

We will deploy it, manage and optimize it for you.

Easy to use:

  • User friendly graphical interface and OpenAPI’s
  • Docker compose templates enables orchestration of applications
  • One click easy creation of container clusters

Protocol Compatible:

  • Supports smooth migration of applications to Dockerized platforms
  • Support multiple hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Integrates with third party API’s for scheduled task delivery
  • Highly compatible with Docker ecosystem and Docker API’s


  • Easily launch as many Docker containers as needed
  • Web/Mobile, HPC, Event driven etc all supported
  • Launch massive containers in seconds

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